Terms and Conditions

1. Order

1.1 To place an order, you need to add the selected item to the cart. The Buyer’s shopping cart is created after clicking the “Add to Cart” button. To continue placing an order, click the “Proceed to checkout” button. You will be redirected to the Buyer’s data page. Fill in all the required fields in the order form and click the “Place order” button. You will be redirected to the payment method selection page.

1.2 Be careful when filling out the data fields. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of filling out all the items in the order form.

1.3 The buyer carries out the order of the Goods, and the Seller ensures delivery of the order.

1.4 The cost of the purchased goods is added to the cost of transportation in accordance with the chosen method of delivery. The shipping cost will be reflected in the invoice.

1.5 The contract of sale is considered concluded (entered into force) from the moment of receipt of payment of the Order to the settlement account of ESTIFY OÜ.

1.7 The Order is executed from the moment of receiving the payment to the account of ESTIFY OÜ.

1.8 Payment is carried out through all Estonian banks: Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Luminor, Coop, Poco Pay, Liisi. Payment is accepted in the currency – Euro (€).

1.9 Payment is made outside the e-shop ZapZap.ee, in the secure payment environment of the payment service provider Maksekeskus AS.

2. Delivery of goods

2.1 On the order registration page, the buyer chooses the most convenient method of delivery. Ways of delivery: 1 – delivery to the parcel terminal, 2 – courier delivery. The customer can choose the right time and order the goods home or at work. Delivery is provided by the courier service ITELLA SMARTPOST OÜ. On the day of delivery, a representative of the courier service will contact the Buyer and agree the time of transfer of the goods. Delivery takes 2 working days.

2.2 If the Buyer or his authorized representative is not located at the pre-specified delivery address in the delivery time specified in the Order, the goods are returned to the Seller’s warehouse, and the Buyer shall pay for re-delivery in accordance with the specified delivery rates.

2.3 The goods on the basis of accompanying documents are transferred only to the person specified in the order upon presentation of the identity document. Before accepting the goods and confirm receipt of the goods with their signature on the accompanying documents, it is recommended to inspect the goods carefully. In the presence of visible damage, it is recommended that the goods not be accepted. Having signed the accompanying document, the Buyer confirms that at the time of receipt the goods were not damaged.

2.4 Ownership of the Goods and related responsibility passes from the Seller to the Buyer at the time of transfer of the Goods.

3. Return of goods

3.1 In case the goods do not fit, the Buyer can return it. The period for filing an application for the return (exchange) of the Goods is 14 calendar days, counting from the date of the transfer of the Goods to the Buyer. The buyer must send an email to the Seller with a “request for a refund (exchange)” to the e-mail address info@zapzap.ee, and specify the order number, reason for the return, its settlement account and the address where the returned goods are located.

3.2 In the event that the Seller has not received written confirmation that the goods can be sent back or if the Buyer has arbitrarily sent the Goods back to the Seller without prior mutual agreement, the Seller does not assume further responsibility for the Goods.

3.3 When returning or exchanging goods, the Buyer must provide a purchase receipt.

3.4 In the event of rejection of the goods, the Buyer shall be refunded the total amount paid for the goods from which the buyer pays for transportation costs, up to 10 EUR. Money for the returned goods will be transferred to the account of the Buyer not later than 14 days from the receipt of the returned goods.

3.5 If the goods were damaged during transportation, if flaws or defects could not be detected by visual inspection of the goods, or if the goods do not meet the order through the fault of ESTIFY OÜ, ESTIFY OÜ undertakes to exchange the goods in the shortest possible time. In the event that, due to the extension of the delivery period, the Buyer will no longer be interested in purchasing, the Buyer has the right to cancel the order, and the amount paid by the Buyer (including the shipping cost) will be refunded. The payment is returned to the Buyer on the settlement account within 7 working days after receipt of the relevant application.

3.6 The returned goods must be complete (contain all items contained in the package). In the absence of packaging, its contamination or damage, the Seller has the right to refuse the Buyer’s return of the Goods. If the returned goods have been damaged and / or have deteriorated characteristics, which was caused by circumstances not related to ESTIFY OÜ, and due to inappropriate use of the goods by the Buyer, for example, due to negligent attitude to the goods, ESTIFY OÜ reserves the right to reconsider and recount the value of the returned goods, based on the degree of damage inflicted, or not accept it.

3.7 Only unused goods can be returned. The product must be in the original packaging, all factory labels must be stored on it. Packaging can be opened only if it is not possible to familiarize yourself with the goods by other means.

4. Rights and Obligations

4.1 The seller must deliver the Goods in accordance with the terms of the Order.

4.2. The seller must guarantee the conformity of the quality of the Goods.

4.3 If the delivery terms and / or the price of the Goods are changed during the execution of the Order by the Seller, the seller is obliged to notify the Buyer immediately of the change in the delivery conditions in order to obtain confirmation of the Buyer regarding the new conditions for the execution of the Order.

4.4 The seller must provide full information about the product and its manufacturer.

4.5 The Seller has the right not to accept claims of non-conformity of the Goods and not to accept a request for the return of the Goods in the event that the Goods have visual defects that limit the further implementation of the Goods and / or the return of the Goods to the manufacturer.

4.6 Pay the Goods in accordance with the price specified in the Order.

4.7 The buyer has the right to request a refund in the event that the Seller can not fulfill the conditions of the Order.

5. Warranty

5.1 The Seller reserves the right to exchange Goods with a factory marriage or return money to the Buyer.

5.2 If a product is found to be defective, the Buyer agrees to report the problem by e-mail to info@zapzap.ee and provide all necessary documents. In the e-mail you must indicate: the defective goods, the order number and the date of purchase of the goods, the date of the defect detection, the exact description of the defect, the account of the Buyer and the contact phone number. The buyer is obliged to report the discovered defect not later than 2 weeks from the moment of its detection and present the defective goods. After the expiration of this period, the Buyer has no right to demand replacement of the goods from ESTIFY OÜ. When returning or exchanging goods, the Buyer must provide a receipt for purchase, payment documents that confirm payment.

5.3 If there is a disagreement between the Seller and the Buyer regarding the reasons for the damage to the Goods, the Seller has the right to carry out the quality control (examination) of the Goods. If, as a result of checking the quality (examination) of the Goods, it turns out that the Goods are damaged not because of hidden factory defects, but for any other reasons for which the Seller does not respond, then the goods are returned to the Buyer. All costs of the Seller related to the performance of the quality control (examination) of the Goods are paid by the Buyer.

5.4 ESTIFY OÜ is not responsible for: 1). Deterioration of the characteristics / damage of the goods caused by the fault or negligence of the Buyer; 2). Defects caused by negligent use of the goods; 3). Defects caused by the use of the goods for other purposes; 4). Normal physical wear and tear during normal use;

6. Responsibility of the parties

6.1 The Parties are responsible for meeting their obligations in accordance with these Terms of Use in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

6.2 ESTIFY OÜ does not compensate for moral damage and unused opportunities that, in the opinion of the Buyer, may arise when the delivery terms, prices and other conditions are changed under the current General Conditions.

6.3 The parties are exempted from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations if it occurred due to force majeure circumstances such as war or military actions, earthquake, flood, fire or other natural disasters, acts or actions of public authorities, changes in customs legislation , restrictions on imports and exports, which arose irrespective of the will of the Parties. A party that is unable to fulfill its obligations shall immediately notify the other Party in writing and provide documents issued by authorized institutions that confirm the existence of such circumstances.

7. Other conditions

7.1 The Parties shall take all measures to settle their disputes and disagreements through negotiations. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the Buyer has the right to apply for protection of his rights to the Consumer Protection Board or to the court. When resolving disagreements, the parties proceed from the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

7.2 The conditions come into force at the moment when the buyer confirms his consent to all conditions by clicking the mouse in the appropriate box when placing an order. In the event that the Buyer does not confirm its agreement with the conditions, the execution of the Order is impossible.

7.3 All personal data of the Buyer, published during the purchase, are considered confidential information.