Travel map kids (in Russian)

Travel map kids (in Russian)


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“Travel Map Kids” is a map of the world for children, which helps you learn about the world while playing:-)
Choose the appropriate set of cards with animals or sights, along with your child place the cards in the correct countries and explore the world with pleasure.

Hang the map on your child’s wall;
Layout the cards and sticker set;
Learn new and exciting facts on the cards;
Get and lay all the cards and stickers set;
Surprises exciting facts on the cards;
Attach the stickers on the map in accordance with the number on the card;
Memorize the names of countries and oceans;
Learn while playing!


— map dimensions in expanded form — 80х60 cm
— gift tube dimensions — 7х64 cm
— language — Russian
— material — laminated paper

You get a map in a package with:
– a tube with a maze as a design gift wrapping and an interesting puzzle for your kid to solve
– a marker to write down the ideas and plans
– a set of 34 cards that will give a kid exciting facts about animals
– a set of stickers that will help a kid to learn the world map in no time
– step-by-step guide, an instruction that will give the hints about using a map.

Travel Map Kids Animals is a bright map that can hold children spellbound and inspire them to learn geography and biology. The map is packed with a set of cards to choose between exciting facts from animal life. Study the information in the card, take a corresponding sticker and find the place where it belongs on the map.

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