Travel Map Black World (in English)

Travel Map Black World (in English)


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Travel Map® Black World is big wall world map with special scratch-off coating. You can easily mark countries as you visit them: just use a scratcher to remove gold scratch-off coating and reveal the countries you have been to, creating a vivid record of your travel history. Travel Map Black is limited edition and it’s only for people with sense of style

• Map dimensions — 80 x 60 cm / 31.4 х 23.6 inches;
• Tube dimensions — 64 x 7 cm / 25.1 х 2.7 inches;
• The map is made of durable, flexible and tear-resistant plastic;

Amazing design
This is a unique  personal Travel map Black world, which is very convenient and fun to mark the countries you have visited. You need to scratch by a scratcher the countries you have been to, to see the colorful history of personal travel. 
Also you can draw routes of your travel and make notes on the black map of world. All inscriptions can be easily erased with  a sponge

Great Package

Every map is packed into a stylish designed tube, which protects your Travel Map from damage and solves the problem how to pack your present. 
On the tube there is hidden information about how much you have to travel per year to open the whole world, so that the package is even informative. 

Map dimensions  black world map poster— 80 x 60 cm / 31.4 х 23.6 inches;
Tube dimensions black scratch map — 64 x 7 cm / 25.1 х 2.7 inches;

What’s Inside
– special scraper;
– white marker for drawings;
– pins to attach scratch-off map to the wall;
– felt special shred to remove residual scratching;
– instructions.

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