Board Dream & Do (in Russian)

Board Dream & Do (in Russian)


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“Dream & Do” – is a poster for visualizing your ideas and managing your performance to achieve goals.

We have developed 24 sticker with different goals suitable for people of different professions. The colors correspond to the different areas on the map – it will help you arrange your thoughts and structure your dreams

A set of stickers with motivational quotes and credos that will help you get out of bed and realize your dreams. Choose the ones that you like and attach them to the map.

Stickers “My dreams and goals”
It’s time to write your personal and unique dreams. For this, we have created a set of 50 stickers for notes. Write your dreams and goals on a sticker and attach it to the map.

Anchor Dream & Do
A set of small plastic cards with great power. Its purpose – to remind you of your dreams and motivate you to complete them as soon as possible. Put your favorite “anchor” in your purse or use it as a key chain.

Stickers “The Way to a Dream”
We picked up 20 simple and useful exercises that will help you become better, achieve goals and learn to enjoy not only the outcome, but also the process. Attach the stickers on the map or on to your favorite notebook.

Simple items, which will save you the hassle of running around town in search of tape, glue and other neded items. The set includes pins, sticky glue drops, a marker and stencils for cutting out.

What’s Inside
Marker for drawing on the poster;
Pins to attach posters to the wall;
Special scraper to remove scratching;
Felt cloth to remove excess scratching;
Piggy bank to help complete certain tasks;
A set of stickers for the tube;

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